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Here is a list of found footage tapes (from movies or posted on youtube) and creepy videos. Not all of these are real, of course. 

  1. In the Woods: Last footage of a guy walking in the woods. He begins to hear growling sounds. These sounds seem like they are from a human-animal hybrid in pain. At the end something pops out of the bushes, and he runs away. 
  2. No Thorough Road: Video of a group of boys driving around, when odd things begin to occur. Horrifying things that they first treat as a joke but then begin to get genuinely scared about. 
  3. Indonesian Ghost TuyulFootage of a ghost that can only be seen by one person at a time. Two dudes are playing the guitar when and do not sense the tuyul lurking around them. 
  4. Paris Catacombs: Found footage of a guy who was lost in the never ending halls of the Paris catacombs. Some suspect that something else was down there with him. 
  5. Ghost of Henry VIIFound on a security tape is the ghost of Henry VII in Hampton Court. You can make out his apparition floating through the doors. 
  6. V.H.S: A horror film in a found footage style video. They are terrifying and is something I recommend to watch in the dark at 12 a.m 
  7. SlendermanAn enormous stick like figure found climbing the buildings in Russia. Many link it to the urban legend of slender man.
  8. Imaginary Friends: A father decides to play hide and seek with his daughter, but it seems like there’s a third identified player involved. 
  9. The Rake: Some humanoid creature is found climbing around the roof of a man. Needless to say he is extremely creeped out. 
  10. Japanese Haunted Hospital: Part of a Japanese t.v show, in a “found footage” style of the spirits that lurk around a long dead abandoned hospital 

The horror doesn’t stop here. Check out this masterpost of more creepy lists and short films. 

I’m so torn on whether I’m actually mad that all I hear is Doppio in Purge’s theme or whether this this is the greatest thing I’ve discovered today.


i cannot believe pharrel williams new music video is him falling in love with anime girls and playing a fucking visual novel



Someday these outfits will be in my closet.

pants heavily

Sorry for spacey dancing goodness

i just needed some bright colors



Throw back to Anime Expo ‘11 fun times with the LMC gang~

Photos by Michael Rollerson

-mrdustinn as noize


Space Channel 5 Part 2 | Report 2


This morning I gave that “redraw a screenshot” thing a try. This is from Space Channel 5 Part 2, wherein space police officer Pine pulls over Ulala’s ship and challenges her to a drumming competition that determines whether or not she’ll be arrested. This is an actual thing that happens in the game.


ps people actually say things like this

(this comic iis n the latest Galago Magazine, buy it if it’s available where you live!)

oh no I hear it

oh no

this is like, singing Doppio oh my god


It’s Ishida time

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFFgfPTERBs (I can’t unhear Doppio in some parts of this now)

Both of these series are equally fabulous, everything is wonderful.