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Yo! Mukmuk here, but you can call me Mukks, Echo, or Garbage-Chan. An aspiring character designer and video game creator!

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I’m so FRUSTRATED I have no idea which one I like better;;

It was originally the first one cause I wanted it to potentially be some poster-esq print, possibly (like if I ever manage to a. finish it, and b. get a flip side version w Bruno’s group they could be like matching posters or w/e). Then I changed it to the second because I thought it needed more room/the first was too squished? Now I’ve started arranging them all in a line, and though it’s a lot less crowded, it’s also really boring??

A-any suggestions? ; __;a

I was gonna go make a playlist of all the assassin’s themes from the Golden Whirlwind game to listen too while I work on my assassin drawing again, but then I realized that Melone and Risotto don’t have themes cause they weren’t actually in the game….

welp, guess I’m throwing that Enter Sandman x Telephone mashup in here for Risotto, but idk what to add for Melone… Maybe I’ll go and add their Stand’s namesakes later if I get tired of listening to their GW themes.


asagi wip
idrk why its a wip idk what else to add

Maybe give it a couple of minutes? It’s doing the same thing for me too.

Yeah yeah, looks like it’s finally working now!

Crunchyroll pls, why no image for Ep 17? why aren’t you loading the video player? :’c







  • Female
  • Caribbean Clown
  • Magenta Eye Spots
  • Banana Underbelly



  • Female
  • Aqua Clown
  • Pink Stripes
  • Ice Underbelly



  • Male
  • Platinum Basic
  • Ivory Stripes
  • Platinum Basic



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Blue Stahli - Enemy [Premonition]

Premonitions are a variation on a theme, sometimes a re-imagining of the main song, sometimes almost functioning as a trailer for the song itself. The Enemy Premonition takes the riff from the verse of “Enemy” and expands on the cinematic sci-fi horror of the original.

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Disclaimer: This is not my own idea; I got the tip from the lovely Elentari-liv, who was kind enough to share her technique with me. This is only showing the basics I’ve used to knit the scales, not how to make any certain piece.

Also, keep in mind that I’m still a beginner at knitting. I’ve been doing it for approximately two weeks.

What you’ll need:

  • circular knitting needles
  • yarn
  • small scales

You’ll probably want to choose a yarn close to your scale colour, or one that complements it (I used a contrasting one here to make things easier to show). You may have to experiment a bit with the yarn gauge and size of the needles. I ended up using gauge three yarn and size six needles after some testing. Larger needles widened the gap between scales, so that the yarn was visible in between, which I didn’t want, and thicker yarn made the scales stick out too much as opposed to hanging. It looked like I was knitting a very ruffled dragon.

Scales can be purchased from The Ring Lord, with multiple choices of colour and material. I’ve experimented with both aluminum and steel; the steel seems to hang better because of its weight, but it all depends on what you need for your project!

(I’m putting the actual process under a read more because I do have a lot of photos.)

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I’m gonna go ahead and put this under the resources tag for reenactors, cosplayers, Rennies and SCA-ers!




if you think you have a powerful fandom just remember that touhou fans made their own professional quality anime

Just remember that touhou fans made their own full-length Castlevania parody game with a full soundtrack, fantastic character art and professional voice actors. Twice.






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Afraid This Time
Celldweller | Celldweller
Deathblow (feat. Celldweller)
Seamless | Momentum EP