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This is my personal blog, where you'll find a mess of JoJo, Pokemon, Touhou, Tokyo Ghoul, Skullgirls, and a plethora of other things.

[ 22 | Pan | Genderfluid (they or she) | Taken ]

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☠ Throw Garbage-Chan in the garbage CAN ☠

shit now i’m tempted to make an ‘official’ husbando list lmao

no, nope, time for bed if I’m thinking about that. i don’t need to spiral farther.

my small list of (mostly trashy) husbandos that don’t get enough art:

  • Illuso (jjba)
  • Secco (jjba)
  • Monsoon (mgr)
  • Durga (+ Garuda) (anarchy reigns)
  • Banjou (tokyo ghoul)

and idk if GG’s Venom counts as ‘not enough art’ or ‘I can’t find any art of you because there’s too many characters named Venom’, but lets throw him here for good measure

BB’s Hazama & Azreal and FE:A’s Gaius are also on the husbando list, but I’m p sure they both get a LOT of art or at least a p decent amount.

Just like how there isn’t enough Illuso or Secco art to satisfy me

there isn’t enough art of my 40-yo, snail eye’d cyborg meme husband

not fair I say, not fair at all….


Free will is a myth. Religion is a joke.


i was bored, so, i did a fake game screenshot~!! (●´ω`●)ゞ

more touhou/mgr fake screenshots will not be soon! hahahhhh


man, don’t rip off his last human parts


Still getting this new blog set up sdffsdff— Monsoon from MGR: Revengeance!


By the lovely ASH

I am a Wind of Destruction


when u open up ur 5th grade sketch book


The music in the demo so far has been absolutely phenomenal and I CANNOT WAIT until I get to hear Route 111 because once I make it there, I’m never leaving

I just won’t continue

once I get there all will be magical and right with the world


calling steven a child is just rude



one of my favorite video game OPs [Brave New World for Namco X Capcom] is now one of my favorite fan animations with ALL THE ROBOT MASTERS YEAH

Balancing Touka-chan



How to make comics

My first vine

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