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Title: 爆走夢歌
Artist: Diggy-MO'
Played: 14903 times


Soul Eater OST
"Bakusou Yume Uta" Explosive Dream Song - Third Ending Theme
Preformed by Diggy-MO’

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I should sleep

definitely, probably maybe

yeah. sleep.


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just look out for garbage trucks

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I will wear this nickname of ‘Garbage-Chan’ with PRIDE and no one can stop me.

Now excuse me while I stare at that awful scribble for a few more moments in pleased disgust before rolling off to bed.

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Here’s some cool touhous from Sakura Con 2014

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The Infinite Jukebox


Hello, Tumblr. See this thing?

It is the best goddamned thing you’ve seen all day.

Say hello to the Infinite Jukebox, an experiment in looping songs. See those curves cutting through the circle? What this bad boy does is analyze the song for similar beats and sounds, then randomly skips between said beats forever. 

Yes, you heard me. Forever. With this piece of musical genius, you can literally play the same song for as long as you want - It will create the song that never ends.

Some examples include:

Technologic by Daft Punk

Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley


And if that’s not enough, you can upload your own MP3s to this bitch and it’ll loop those as well.

Have fun, kids.

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What Kind of Pokemon are You? ♢ - Pokemon type Myers-Briggs Personalty chart

High Res Version Here
Take the MBTI personality test here! I’m an INFP—grass type. How about you? ouo

Though I am no expert by any means, I am really interested in these sorts of personality tests and descriptions (Not to mention I am a huge Pokemon fan)! I felt that this would be a fun little project to put together, as I’ve seen these types of charts floating around tumblr for quite a while… ^^ And I was right! I really had so much fun putting this together! This is based off of my opinions and interpretations of the different Pokemon types.

I want thank everyone who offered their opinions and constructive criticisms of the Pokemon types I attributed to each Myers-Briggs type!! It was very helpful. I also want to thank my friend Wade for helping me put the image template together and sparklepipsi for granting me permission to use or otherwise tweak the descriptions they wrote for their Sailor Moon mbti chart!

Enjoy! ^^

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Title: Fast Lane
Artist: Rushden & Diamonds
Played: 10 times

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In case you were feeling sad.

This is the third time I’ve reblogged this today and I DON’T EVEN CARE

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Cardcaptor Sakura Season 1 OP Rendered in 3D Using Blender


Amazing quality, pretty smooth animation and most importantly, THE SONG.

I’m feeling oddly nostalgic these days.

SO COOL. Proud of the person who made this. Hoping for sailor moon opening next.

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Title: Connect [Pokémon RSE Soundfont]
Artist: ClariS
Played: 7432 times


Puella Magi Madoka Magica Opening Theme with Hoenn Trumpets.

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chaostearkitsune ;  
Terry-Lynn! (Or just Terry) for the playlist thing @v@~

Tin Soldiers - Edward Harrison / NeoTokyo Soundtrack
Rise - Origa
Rigid Bass - IOSYS
You may know “Dream” - SOUND HOLIC
Luck & Plush - JJBA:ASB Soundtrack
You Go Girl! - Tenpai Sato
Nightfall - Rogue
New Day - Hollywood Undead

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ryste ;  

Reach (Push the Feeling) - Tantrum Desire
You’re Going Down - Sick Puppies
Sugar Rush - Nanobii
Tea Party - Kerli
Eat You Up - BOA

Wow. ‘Y’ was a lot harder to find a song for than I thought it would be. :B

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Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters

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